IHBC NW Newsletter (September 2004)

IHBC NW Newsletter (September 2004)

Contents of the IHBC NW Newsletter from September 2004 include:

  • IHBC Backs Performance Indicators
  • IHBC Annual School in North West
  • Branch Conference: Enhancing access to the historic environment
  • Symbols of Empire : The Buildings of the Liverpool Waterfront
  • The Closure of the George’s Dock
  • The Dock Offices
  • The Royal Liver Building
  • Cunard Building
  • The Waterfront Scene
  • The Fourth Grace: The Unfolding Tragedy
  • Public Consultation
  • Press Interest
  • Timetable Slipping
  • Icon Sought
  • Concerns about Financial Benefits
  • Other High Building Proposals in Liverpool
  • High Buildings Policy in Liverpool
  • If there had been a tall buildings policy in the Victorian era
  • National Policy Context
  • Lessons from London
  • Son of Fourth Grade
  • BBC Television
  • Isle of Man Weekend
  • Conservation Training in Manchester
  • Building Regulations Archive
  • Building Limes Forum 13th Annual Conference, Lancaster

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